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Pattaya Elephant Village

They have fought for the nation, worked in the forests and provided employment for people who wish to sell you a bag of bananas for 20 baht. There aren’t many opportunities to see elephants in their natural environment in Pattaya, unless you head to the city’s own Elephant Village.

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Ko Larn Island

Ko Larn is a fairly remarkable island. Being so close to Pattaya you'd expect it to be a centre for commercialism, replete with 7-elevens, guesthouses and the like. But despite being the nearest island to Pattaya, it's remarkably undeveloped, and that's one of the reasons why so many tourists seek out its shores.

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Thai Language

There’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that learning Thai is hard work. Really hard work.

The good news is that any attempt to say a few of the local phrases will be appreciated and you’ll get extra kudos points. Now, we want to help out as much as we can, but if you really want to know why ‘mai mai mai mai mai’ is a sentence you’ll need to go to school. In case you don’t have time for that, we’ve come up with the most common phrases that you need to get by. Before we start, a couple of things to remember. Thai is a tonal language and it’s wise to get these right, but even if you don’t a Thai will usually understand from the context of what you’re saying. Secondly, you’ll see transliterations of Thai to English words spelled very differently (we’ve seen road signs for Pattaya, Pataya and Phattaya). Sometimes there’s no direct match, but we’ve done the best we can. Be grateful.

If you’re a man, add ‘krap’ to end of each sentence; if you’re a woman add ‘ka’.

The basics

Sawadee krap/ka - hello (male/female speaker)
Sabai dee mai? - how are you?
Sabai dee - I’m fine
Taow-rai krap/ka - How much?
Arn-nee taow-rai - How much is this?
Wannee, khun su-ai mark - Today, you look very beautiful. (su-ai has a rising tone)
Phut len, lor? - You are kidding, right?
Phom mai mee / mee ngern - I don’t / do have money.
Yark bai rong raem - I want to go to the hotel.

Useful Phrases

Phom mai mao, phom sabai dee - I’m not drunk, I’m just happy.

At the hotel

Rong raam - hotel
Hong-norn – bedroom
Mee ____ mai – is there ______?
Mee air mai? - Is there air-conditioning?
Mee hong-nam mai? - Is there a bathroom?
Hong-dieo – single room
Hong koo – double room
Arp-nam - shower
Aharn-shao – breakfast
Leum goon-jae – I’ve forgotten my key
Panak-ngam-borigarn – room service
Kuen la taorai? – how much is the room per night?
Aharn-shao kee mong? – when is breakfast?
Garuna plook chan nai wela – Can you call me at…o’clock?


Kor doo mae-nu? – I’d like to see the menu?
Kor – I would like…
Bia sorng kuat – two bottles of beer
Geb-tang krap? – Can I have the bill, please.
Soob buree dai mai? – May I smoke?


Kor lekthorasap noi si? – May I have your phone number?
Pom dee chai teedai pob khun – I’m pleased to meet you.
Khun yoo tee nee ma nan rue young? – how long have you been here?
Pom cha nam krung deum mahai na? – Would you like a drink?


Kwar – left
Sai – right
Doen trong pai – go straight ahead
Yoo sai/kwar mue – it’s on the left/right
Thanon – street/road
Soi – sidestreet
Dern – walk
Pharn – after
Korn – before
Shai thale – seaside
Ko – island
Reua – boat
Tua – ticket
Rao – quick
Cha – slow

Body parts

Ranggai – body
Leen – tongue
Khaen – arms
Nah – face
Tah – eyes
Kha – legs
Phom – hair
Phark – mouth
Rim fee phak – lips


Ya – drug
Ya as-par-in – aspirin
Pah pid plae - plaster
Yah nawn lab – sleeping pill
Roke tawng ruang – diarrhoea
Roke puad hua – headache
Roke ai – cough
Roke puad fun – toothache
Jep – hurt
Jep mai? – does it hurt?
Jep tee nai – where does it hurt?
Jep tee nee – it hurts here
Ko doo mor – I’d like to see a doctor
Bai rong payabarn – Take me to the hospital


Nightlife Reviews

Despite all the headlines about sex and debauchery, there is another side to Pattaya. In recent years it’s developed a reputation for world-class restaurants, shows and entertainment. So whether you want to play Connect 4, munch on fresh lobster or watch a cabaret, Pattaya has the lot.

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Where to Sleep

There are nearly as many guesthouses in Pattaya as there are beer bars – and that’s saying something. From five-star luxury resorts to humble rooms with a mattress and little else, Pattaya has a wide choice of places to rest your head. There are few true budget spots and most rooms start from at least 500 baht. Look down some of the sidestreets though and you could snag a room for 200 baht.

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Eating Out Reviews

Pattaya has one of the best range of eating options in Thailand. From fiery curries to exotic fruits to fresh seafood, you are never more than a few metres away from a meal. Food fans on a budget can pick at prawns from a deckchair while serious eaters can choose from many high-end restaurants serving Thai and international cuisine.

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