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Pattaya Elephant Village

They have fought for the nation, worked in the forests and provided employment for people who wish to sell you a bag of bananas for 20 baht. There arenít many opportunities to see elephants in their natural environment in Pattaya, unless you head to the cityís own Elephant Village.

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Ko Larn Island

Ko Larn is a fairly remarkable island. Being so close to Pattaya you'd expect it to be a centre for commercialism, replete with 7-elevens, guesthouses and the like. But despite being the nearest island to Pattaya, it's remarkably undeveloped, and that's one of the reasons why so many tourists seek out its shores.

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Pattaya Business Directory

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Nightlife Reviews

Despite all the headlines about sex and debauchery, there is another side to Pattaya. In recent years itís developed a reputation for world-class restaurants, shows and entertainment. So whether you want to play Connect 4, munch on fresh lobster or watch a cabaret, Pattaya has the lot.

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Where to Sleep

There are nearly as many guesthouses in Pattaya as there are beer bars Ė and thatís saying something. From five-star luxury resorts to humble rooms with a mattress and little else, Pattaya has a wide choice of places to rest your head. There are few true budget spots and most rooms start from at least 500 baht. Look down some of the sidestreets though and you could snag a room for 200 baht.

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Eating Out Reviews

Pattaya has one of the best range of eating options in Thailand. From fiery curries to exotic fruits to fresh seafood, you are never more than a few metres away from a meal. Food fans on a budget can pick at prawns from a deckchair while serious eaters can choose from many high-end restaurants serving Thai and international cuisine.

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